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Goal 1
Protect Public Health and the Environment
To protect and support the long-term health of our community and environment
The primary mission of any water and wastewater utility is to protect public health and the environment. Drinking water must meet all water quality standards when it leaves PWSA treatment facilities and arrives at a customer's tap. PWSA must ensure that wastewater is collected from customers without backups or spills. It must also ensure its transported through the wastewater collection system to the regional ALCOSAN treatment facility. The transmission process must be secure, and occur without sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) that could damage the environment. Treatment then ensures the wastewater is safe, before it is returned back to the environment.
Focus Areas
Deliver high quality drinking water
PWSA’s goal is to always meet or exceed customer and regulatory standards for the water it provides. To do that, PWSA will pursue the following strategies:
  • Perform regular tests at certified laboratories to ensure high water quality and service levels
  • Report water quality results to customers in an annual Consumer Confidence Report
  • Continue to actively manage and replace lead service lines

Safely and effectively convey wastewater and stormwater
PWSA’s goal is to always meet or exceed customer and governing standards as it transports wastewater and stormwater to the ALCOSAN treatment facility. PWSA is committed to:
  • Maintaining wastewater system cleaning, root removal, and maintenance activity to prevent back-ups
  • Routinely inspecting manholes
  • Monitoring and reporting on all combined and sanitary sewer overflows
  • Regularly performing condition assessments on all gravity pipe segments
How We're Doing
Number of Lead Service Line Replacements (PWSA Side)
May 2024
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